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Strategy & Research

User Experience Strategy & Research


In today’s economy, UX strategy is business strategy.  With so many delightful products flooding the market, users expect efficient, intuitive, and delightful solutions. Makroz collaborates with clients to uncover, understand and address their toughest challenges with human-centered design thinking. 

From Strategy to UX Benchmarking, Makroz will partner with you to define: 

Market Analysis
  • What do you and your team value?

  • What do your stakeholders value?

  • What changes will drive users’ engagement, delight, efficiency, effectiveness and retention?

  • What will offer meaning and purpose to your users and your stakeholders years from now?

Design Leadership

Innovation & Design Leadership


Makroz partners with their clients to envision possibilities. With an empathetic focus on the end users, ideas are evaluated for impact and feasibility so invention can occur through thoughtful disruption.  


Looking for work samples?  Contact us to walk through case studies in person, focusing on those most relevant to your needs.

App Screens

UX Coach & Speaker 


Makroz empathizes deeply with the user experience professionals of all levels who are paving their authentic path.  A coaching client defines their ideal situation and together we clarify actions to proceed forward, even in gritty situations.  Frequent coaching topics include: Influencing without authority, negotiation, authentic and assertive communication, self-worth and boundaries.

Makroz also speaks to audiences about User Experience Economy, Leading and Influencing with Authenticity, Creating a User-Centered Culture, UX considerations in AI technologies.

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