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Sarah is passionate about integrating human-centered design with product strategy and innovation.  

She leads outcome-driven UX strategy and innovation resulting in useful, intuitive and delightful products that engage and retain customers. 

Sarah has a distinguished track record of executing user-focused product strategies, driving disruptive innovation and completing complex programs.  Industries served include high tech, consumer health tech, healthcare, biomedical tech and education.


Sarah’s expertise to integrate UX strategy and drive big ideas was honed during her time at Apple.  Her contributions include: 

  • People Leadership & Management: Sarah’s natural ability to foster relationships and retain top talent led to a cross-functional User Studies team.  She inspired her team to influence design decisions across all Hardware sensing technologies.

  • UX Strategy: Sarah influenced the strategic design direction of AI technologies that are ethical, empathetic and seamlessly integrate with users’ workflows.

  • Innovation & Efficiency: Under Sarah’s leadership, a cross-functional team created novel methods and generated big data to train AI & ML technologies across Hardware products.

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Leading teams to innovate and achieve big goals began at GE Healthcare and continued at Medtronic, prior to joining Apple.


Contributions to the User Experience Industry 

  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of AI in Design, UX Frontiers, June 2023, UX Frontiers Conference

  • User Error Evaluation Method using Post-Market Data, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Healthcare Summit, March 2014

  • Value of User Experience Research Methods in Medical Device Design, International Neuromodulation Society, June 2013


  • Devices and Methods for Self-Administered ECG Examinations, US 8,594,771 B2

  • Apparatus and Method for Wirelessly Transferring and Storing Medical Data, US 9,289,149 B2

  • Patient event information, US 8,376,943 B2

  • User interface indicating fluid location for an implantable fluid delivery device, US 8,862,451 B2

  • Management of Session History Data for Implantable Fluid Delivery Device, US 8,890,681 B2

  • Display of Supplemental Bolus in Relation to Programmed Dose, US 9,122,785 B2

  • Interface for Implantable Medical Device Programming, US 9,968,732 B2 

  • Therapy Adjustment Based on Patient Event Indication, US 11,154,717 B2

  • Therapy Adjustment Based on Patient Event Indication, US 10,561,845 B2

To stay at the forefront of an ever-chanding industry, Sarah continues to learn in various capacities.

Education & Certifications

  • BS Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University, 2004

  • Product Strategy Certification, Kellogg University, 2022

  • Master in UX Management, Nielsen-Norman Group, 2023

  • Brain-Based Coaching, Neuroleadership Institute, 2022

  • 230hr Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Center Retreat, 2021

  • Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2014

Industry Training

  • Atlas Leadership Project, 2022

  • Revolutionary Innovation Master Class, Apple University, 2018

  • Managing to the Apple Culture, Apple University, 2017

  • Becoming a Medtronic Manager, Medtronic, 2015

  • Human Factors for Medical Devices, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, 2013

  • Design for Usability, GE Healthcare, 2006

  • Green Belt Six Sigma, GE Healthcare, 2005

  • Foundations of Leadership, GE Healthcare, 2005

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